Just when you thought that life in the Capital Region couldn't get any better, it was recently announced that we're getting an Exit 3.  Brian and Chrissy rejoiced in the news by singing a song about the 518's latest triumph!

Many people have wondered for years why there was no Exit 3 on the Northway to begin with, but nobody has the time to investigate the 'why'.  Instead, let's focus on the 'now'.  According to the Times Union, we should have have a functional, usable, Exit 3 by the end of the year.  The hope is that Wolf Road traffic congestion will be reduced now that Albany International Airport has it's own 'exit'. We were so overjoyed by the news (and the sparkling new sign) that we decided to share in our excitement in the form of a song.  Gone are the days that we can prank out-of-town folks by giving them traffic directions to an exit that doesn't exist.  Surely that will be missed, but with it comes the joy and sheer glee, that we soon will have and Exit 3!

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