Usually when I think to go swimming, it's not in the Hudson River and not in beginning of December- to one New York man none of that mattered.

First responders found the man in the Hudson River near W 12th Street in the West Village of New York City on Saturday. Lt. Christopher Fallon said that when rescue teams saved the man, who is in his mid-30s, he was basically naked according to the Daily Mail.

The strange thing was that it seemed like he didn't want to be rescued. They first deployed a rescue swimmer but the man kept fighting to get away, swimming farther away from the boat. They eventually got the man in the boat and drove him to Bellevue Hospital for additional treatment. The water was only about 40 degrees and there's no explanation as to why the man felt the need to swim alone in the Hudson River at the beginning of December but based on recent reports, he's recovering.

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