We make a lot of videos here at WGNA. We like to provide you with as many ways to enjoy your favorite country stars and local fun as possible!  It's been an amazing year!  We've had so many great concerts and events!  We've raised so much money for charities, and had so much fun!  Here are my 5 favorite videos of 2016, in no particular order!  Hope you enjoy!

Nick impersonates me in "'GNA After Hours" and it's hella embarrassing.  They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery... but I'm not so sure. One thing I know for sure, I laughed right out loud at this -

When you put yourself out there for a living, sometimes people attack you... even if it's for no particular reason.  One morning I was being playful during the daily reading of the horoscopes, and a listener judged me pretty hard... Sean, who is often my champion, didn't take kindly to it, and called that guy out!  Listen to this -

You know how Nick made fun of me a couple of videos ago... well, this could be why...  I'm kind of a nut.  Here's my favorite "Baking with Bethany" of the Year with superstar Justin Moore -

I often get flirty with the artists who stop by.  I can't help it!  #SorryNotSorry... Usually, they are flattered, but don't flirt back... not Kip Moore, he not only flirted back, but things got super real!  Check it out -

My personal favorite interview of the year was with Brothers Osbourne. I am a huge fan!  And, I try to keep myself contained when I interview people who I am in awe of... but I got a little too giggly and mumbly in this one because I simply love them so much!

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