Every year there are local stories that make you laugh, shake your head, leave you happy or sad.

This one left me frightened, terrified and wondering if my home security was up to par.

It started back in August down in the south with clowns luring kids into the woods. At first it was thought to be a bunch of kids crying wolf, or in this case, clown with no pictures or videos to back it up.

Then they continued to pop up.

Not just in the south, it started spreading. Eventually it happened right in the Capital Region with multiple sightings being reported. Okay, so one turned out to be a father dressing up as a clown for his kid - but, he should have known better!

I have been afraid of clowns for as long as I can remember. It started with Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman and it has stayed with me ever since. Sure, I've encountered a clown here and there and I've made it out safely. That didn't mean I would be so lucky this go around!

Thankfully, the trend seems to have died down. Maybe clowns don't like the cold temps of the winter in the Northeast? Whatever the case might be, I'm perfectly find with it. Clowns are creepy, let them stay away for good.

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