We have all seen the military movies where soldiers spell things out phonetically like for elf (echo, lima, foxtrot), Should the word for the letter H be Harambe?

This is actually a real thing and there is a legit petition to pass this into effect. One of the biggest and tragic stories to come out of 2016 is the death of Harambe. No matter your stance on the matter, it was a hot topic that most people shared the same opinion on. While some have gone a bit wild with it with the t-shirts and memes it still was a massive story this calendar year.

The phonetic alphabet uses basics words for communicating spelling over radio frequencies, which ensures clarity. These letters, however effective, are in need of a modification which will provide a positive spark. This upbeat modification will effectively enhance comradery amongst military personnel, and even more so, ensure ones clarity while utilizing the letter "H" in the Phonetic Alphabet. In accordance with enhancing comradery amongst military personnel, the petition will help this nationwide story remain intact for future generations to ask and learn about. - CHANGE.ORG

Currently hotel is the phonetic word for H. Many wish that it would be Harambe so we never lose sight of the tragedy that took place. The unwarranted death of an animal. My next question is do you think this is something that should happen. We have roughly one million people in the area and the signatures to this petition would be very recognized. Would you sign this petition? Tell us in the poll below. If you are really passionate about this matter click the link below and sign the actual petition.


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