Sometimes we tend to take for granted the eateries we already have, I say screw that! Here are ones we need!

Now I am approaching this logically. Restaurants that one are sort of regional to us or have one at least a few hours away. Ones that seem to be insanely popular as well.

  • STEAK'N SHAKE: We have two within a three hour drive, Paramus, NJ and obviously Manhattan. A restaurant chain that hasn't quite stretched to east or north of that NYC area. Centered out of Indianapolis, Albany actually makes a bit of sense. Sure maybe Buffalo makes a touch more sense but the desire to be able to grab a Steakburger and Nutella milkshake locally is real.
  • WHITE CASTLE: Their closest looks to also be around the Manhattan area as well, shocker! Why can't Upstate New York get love!! The frozen food section of Walmart simply won't do. We need, need, need a White Castle in the Capital Region. Now look, you can say all you want that maybe there is too much competition. Like there isn't in their current locations. I want a real alternative to McDonald's and Burger King. I literally have resorted to trying to mimic their recipe. Always fail, but that attempt means we need one!!
  • SHAKE SHACK: I know personally many of my co-workers rave about this and with good reason. We technically do have one, well sort of. There is one at the track. So, for a few weeks a year we have one. This is literally my only incentive other than watching horses run in circles to even go to the track. Horse racing just isn't my thing. Doesn't interest me. Shake Shack does! Its come that far, now disperse across the area please, thank you!
  • LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE: Alright no beef with Outback, see what I did there? But I am sick and tired of seeing commercials for this chain. Don't get me wrong, I want them to come to the Capital Region. I just hate to get my mouth watering when there isn't one local. We do have quite a few withing a couple hours drive from Albany. They have the business and reputation to compete in the Capital Region. Now bring me one and make it snappy!
  • CHICK FIL A: Ok, sure we have rumors of one coming to Halfmoon. Here is my question though. Have you heard a single peep about it in months? Such a massive chain that hasn't for some reason stretched up here just yet. You would think that it would get a move on and quick, especially with rumor behind it. This restaurant isn't the healthiest. It isn't the most unique or fancy. Damn it though, its the highlight for me going to NYC.

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