To say I'm tired right now is an understatement.

This weekend was full of excitement and lots of work, but it all closed with one hell of a night, as tour opener, Dustin Lynch may have put it.

To see how the first part of the concert night experience went, you need the first blog (yeah, this is recap number 2!) Why two? Two words: Luke Bryan.

Luke Logic during a Rainy SPAC day photo credit: Marissa drawing by: Nick Kessler

I've heard all of the ladies go crazy for this man and ya know what? I found out why last night. I mean, he is quite the charmer!

After having some food, drinks and enjoying the first part of the show a group of us were brought to the what they were calling the VIP "Vibe" room. At this point of the night, we had the opportunity to hang with Dustin Lynch already and he was as chill as ever. Then a man turned the corner, sporting a baseball hat, blue flannel button up and jeans tight as I've ever seen and said, "Hey ya'll!" It was Luke Bryan.

Luke Bryan in the Vibe Room at SPAC photo credit: Marissa

It was like a pow wow as we were all in a circle listening to Luke talk about going on an upcoming family hunting trip, which happens annually without him due to his touring schedule until this year. So, needlesstosay he's pretty excited!

He took pictures with everyone, signed some guitars and headed out to get ready for his headlining performance.

The screams could be heard through the cement walls of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, so it was very clear to everyone when LB took the stage.

Luke Bryan at SPAC photo credit: Marissa

Watching Luke on stage is unlike anything I've ever really seen. I mean, I've been to teeny bopper shows and I've heard ridiculous, ear piecing screams for those guys just giving a look but Luke fans? It's girls and women of all ages and the moment those hips make a slight movement - watch out! I'll admit, it helps that he's really talented on top of those hips, but ladies, you know those hips ain't hurtin' him at all.



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