There has been a great abundance of new country music coming out this year. If Sunny Sweeney's new CD with her debut hit "From A Table Away" on Nashville Republic came out this year it may have gotten my top spot. The one Country album that got the job done for my is

Jamey Johnson's "The Guitar Song" on Mercury Records.  Jamey Johnson is the total package. He is a songwriter, singer, producer and may be the reincarnation of Waylon Jennings. This CD is a 2-disc 25 track masterpice that takes you through what Jamey was feeling in his life at the time he wrote the songs. He even color coded the discs black and white. The black disc covers a sad and dark period of thime in Jamey's life and the white disc is about the current happier place he finds himself in. Some of the tracks that really give you a feel for who Jamey Johnson really is include "Macon", "Playin' The Part", and "California Riots" to name a few.

  If you love the classics Jamey does 2 incredible covers of Vern Gosdin's "Set Em' Up Joe", and Ray Price's "For The Good Times".

 Any other Jamey Johnson fans out there? I would love to hear from you.