My father, aka Papa Codes, will never see this so it's totally fine that I'm blogging it.  He doesn't use social media - seriously the man has never even turned on a computer! I saw this awesome idea on and had to share it with you as a last minute gift idea for Father's Day or any day.  I bought him a toaster that will make toast with the likeness of his face on it.  My dad eats toast pretty much everyday, but he'll never have a start to the day quite like this one.  Papa Codes; Papa Toasty- call him what you wish.  Just don't call him late for breakfast.

It's my most amazing Father's Day gift purchase ever.  I'm 45 and I'm an over-achiever, what can I say? It's a product made by a company called Burnt Impressions and this is what they do.

According to their website, here's what you get:  One toaster made in China with special rails and mechanisms that hold your bread against the interchangeable stainless steel stencils fabricated here in Vermont. For each custom image you order, you get two identical stainless steel stencils. It's a two slice toaster.

It's like $50 for the toaster, and a few more dollars to have them make the special inserts with a likeness on it.  With shipping and stuff, the whole thing cost me around $70.

Some may say 'Why?'  I say 'Rye Not?'




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