This was a major thrill.  I've done little things here and there over the years, but there was so much of a time constraint in the past for local acts that it really was difficult.  That's what I loved about this year's Countryfest the most - it gave a lot of Capital Region artists  the chance to show their wares, and the Lost Cantina Band was nice enough to let me do the same. 

I paced the floors for several nights deciding what to do for this "debut".  Should I do a real song or my typical goof  around parody-type thing?  I decided to do a little combination of both.  I was picturing what it would be like to do a sing-along with the crowd, and the perfect one to use, no doubt is Billy Joel's Piano Man. I started rolling the lyrics around in my head.  "It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday...the regular crowd rushes in.." .  Hold it! This event is on a Saturday, except it's 2 PM.  PERFECT.  So that was the genesis of the idea for this.

Someone related to somebody in the Lost Cantina Band  had a video camera and thankfully captured the whole bit.  I will now proudly add this little "shtick"  to a long list of amazing experiences that I've had here at 'GNA.

I hope you can make out the words.  In case you can't, here they are:

The 'GNA Piano Man

Original song ©Billy Joel All Rights Reserved

New Lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved

It’s 1:30 pm on a Saturday

this big big crowd rocks my world

I think GNA started a movement today

it’s called occupy South Pearl


They said Rich can you play us a melody

well I think I know how this one goes

the very first time that I sang Billy Joel's  rhyme

Sean was in cute baby clothes


La la la la  l


I’m GNA’s piano man

I’m singing this song here today

jammin with the Lost Cantina Band

I had to pay them to play


Well there are people here from Saratoga

from Albany Delmar and Perth

you can tell this guys from Niskayuna

He's the one with the starch in his shirt

La la la la la


There's plenty of beer at concession stands

One visit and you will be back

And if one got cleaned out then the culprits no doubt

Were Sean or maybe Levack

it’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday

and I’m watching everyone smile

cuz they’re gettin to see all these great bands for free

including Dustin Lynch in a short while


Tonite you’ll be hearing Josh Thompson

Thompson Square and Joe Nichols is this a dream

and to top off the nite you’ll be feeling alright

when some guy starts singing “Springsteen”


That was quite the day.  If you'd like to see more from that block party, click the button below




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