I enjoy drinking beer but one of the reasons I can't wait for fall is that this is my favorite time for seasonal beers. You may disagree but here are a few of my favorites that you may not have experienced.

This isn't that much of a secret but first and foremost my favorite fall beer is Shipyard Pumpkinhead. It's so popular this time of year, it's almost like it isn't fall without at least one. This is probably my go-to beer for the season but there are some local breweries really competing for that top spot.

Locally, I really enjoy Mad Jack Brewing Company Mctoberfest, a micro-brewery out of Schenectady. You can find them inside the famous and historical Van Dyck restaurant in The Stockade. I always have a growler of Mctoberfest in my fridge this time of year. It's got those autumn spices without being overpowering.

According to The Daily Gazette, Druthers Brewing Company is working on a beer that features apple cider and a traditional Oktoberfest lager. They're only making a small batch so keep updated with them so you know when you can give them a try.

A little bit of a drive away from here is Magic Hat, in Burlington, VT. They have some great seasonal beers between Heart of Darkness (Stout) and my new favorite Jinx (Scotch Ale). Overall though, their Night of the Living Dead packs are fantastic.

Looking to try new beers? I hope to see you Saturday at the Saratoga Harvest Fest at the Saratoga Race Course. It's going on from 1-7PM and if you get your tickets in advance, they're only $8 instead of $12 day of event. I can't promise that these beers specifically will be there but you'll be able to try a bunch of seasonal ones to see if you like them.

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