Ever been there?  It's a great little park.  Little?  Did I say little?  It's actually huuuuuuge!  I happened to have some time to kill the other day, and I certainly found the best place to kill it:  The Crossings.  So with i-Phone in hand, I took some quick shots: 

crossings sign

The sign itself is picturesque!


crossings ducks

There are ducks all over the place around a real nice man made lake.


crossings lake

(Sorry, I used this weird effect that makes the photos look old.  It's actually alot more colorful than this!)

Crossings overlook

There!  That's better.  This is without that funky effect.  This is a small deck that overlooks the fountain                                                          that's in the lake that's at the Crossings that's in Colonie!

Pretty nice place, huh?  I know they have an indoor swimming pool somewhere on the property, but I didn't get that far.  I was having too much fun outside just walking around the lake.  Plenty more to see and do.  Here's a link to the Crossings website for  more information if interested.

What nice parks have YOU gone to this summer.  List your "time killers" in the comment box!  In fact, turn off the computer and go to a park today!  (Bring your smartphone. It's alot more portable!)

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