The election for morning show President is still going strong.  The votes are pouring in (a slight exaggeration, but it's still very thrilling).  But don't take my word for it… we've hired a correspondent who will now give you an exciting almost live update from the convention floor

Before we get to that, please take a second and cast your vote for President  (not trying to sway your vote, but I heard that Bethany is not 35 yet, and Sean is not an American citizen.  Just sayin….)

Sean, Richie, Bethany

And now that you've exercised your patriotic duty, please take a listen to this exclusive update from Chet Peterson, our correspondent

Actually, Chet and all the other voices were aptly played by our very own Producer Dave Scriven (we can't afford correspondents!)

Final results will be mentioned on Friday's show live from Hannaford Supermarkets in Clifton Park.  Hope you'll tune in.




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