It's always a party when Montgomery Gentry takes the stage, and that rang true last night. And T-Roy was there with the band and the crowd every step of the way.

If you are a Country fan, you were heartbroken last year when you heard the news of Troy Gentry's tragic passing. A member of our Country music family was taken to soon, and as a huge fan of the duo for years it really shook me. I can't even imagine how it shook Eddie Montgomery, Troy's family and everyone who was close to him. The last thing on anyone's mind at that time was if we would have the chance to again experience what we experienced last night. But the music and the spirit of those who make always seems to go on.

Jess and I were lucky enough to catch up with Eddie before the Montgomery Gentry show at Upstate Concert Hall last night, and after some small talk I asked Eddie how it felt to be back on the road. He said it felt great after having to shut it all down for 6 months to mourn the loss of his friend of 33 years. He then told us a few times he and Troy jokingly talked over some Jim Beam about the other carrying on with the band if something should happen to one of them. Last night was Eddie Montgomery keeping his promise to his friend.

Jess Eddie Matty

The band opened the show in a fitting way, carrying out Troy's white acoustic guitar and placing it high atop a perch, center stage. Almost to watch over the band and the audience. I stared at that guitar a-lot last night, and as I heard the songs and went back to the memories of 'My Town,' 'Hell Yeah,' 'Something to Be Proud Of' and all those great Montgomery Gentry hits that are melted into so many memories, it felt like Troy was there, watching us, and well, partying with us.

The band sounded great and really did all the songs justice, and truly honored their friend and bandmate, And the crowd loved it. Considering all they have been through, that's something to be proud of indeed.



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