Eddie Montgomery

The Eddie Montgomery Fact Or Crap Test
If you're going to go to the Taste Of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain on June 13-15th, you need to be prepared AND informed.  You need to REALLY know the artists who are up there performing.  Take this little Eddie Montgomery quiz and see how you do.  (It won't tak…
Eddie Montgomery
How well do you know the members of Montgomery Gentry?  Well, one in specific - Eddie Montgomery.  (Do you know that they are coming to the Taste of Country Music Festival, June 13-15th at Hunter Mountain, by the way? )   Anyway, here's your trivia test.
Montgomery, Richie and Gentry
I have to admit, I cracked up when I found this shot.  This is the only backstage picture i could find of Montgomery Gentry from Countryfest 2005  , but I thought it would be a great reminder that they are coming back again - without me.

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