After an 8-year-old student from Forest Park Elementary School in Colonie saw that the building that housed the Duanesburg Volunteer Rescue Squad was damaged by a tornado in May, he felt like he should do something.

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Logan Trembley raised money with not just one fundraiser, but with two. The one fundraiser was a ‘Hat Day’ at his school. That’s where anyone could wear a hat to school for the day for a one dollar donation or more.

The other was a bake sale at ‘Raiderfest’ at Colonie Central High School. His mom, Lauren, helped him set up the bake sale, and people from the community donated the food. Scott, Logan’s dad and Abigail, Logan’s 11-year-old sister helped to sell the baked goods.  One more thing that Logan did was empty his piggy bank, and donated it all to the rescue squad.

In the story from News 10 ABC, Logan raised a total of $570 dollars.

In the story from, Logan mentioned that he also wanted to be a firefighter. Logan personally delivered the money at a meeting at the rescue squad. He also wanted to see the damaged structure in real life. His mom believes that the visit had made a real impact on him.