Thankful-Good Samaritan Who Saved Mom's Mechanicville Home Fire
As I look back on this past year, I realize how thankful I really am. I wanted to bring this story back up, especially around the holidays to focus on how amazing people can be. Back in late January, my mom had a porch fire. She was inside but had no idea her house was on fire. A selfless man swooped in and saved my mom and her house.
Local Hero Tells GNA About Life Saving Moment (Audio)
Every weekday morning at around 9:45, Chrissy and I do a Good News segment - highlighting a positive, uplifting, or inspirational story.  Tuesday morning we talked about a local contractor named Joe Shewczyk who was in his work truck on Friday morning and watched an accident unfold on alternate Route 7, Latham,  right before his very eyes.  With some quick thinking, bravery, and a little help from
Local Trooper Dies From 9/11 Related Disease
Sad news today as the New York State Police informed the public about the passing of a true hero. Trooper Michael J. Anson, 56, from Albany County died from an illness stemming from his assignment at the World Trade Center following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
May Hero
May’s Hometown Hero story is a true must listen and it comes just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.  In the month that we honor and pay tribute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, we are so proud to award WGNA’s May Hometown Hero to Russell Coonradt from Cohoes.
Man Hops into NY Subway to Save Fallen Over the Weekend [VIDEO]
It's one of the biggest travel destinations. Everyone wants to experience New York City. It's a mere 3 hours from us and is like another world with how busy everything is there. I've been to the city plenty of times over the years and I've honestly always been concerned that someone would fall onto the subway tracks. After a long night of partying, after a big game, during rush hour completely acc
Upstate NY College Quarterback Tackles Purse Snatcher
If you love a feel good story, here's your dose for the day! A University of Rochester quarterback named Daniel Bronson is being called a hero by police after he witnessed a purse-snatching and then jumped the suspect before he could get away...

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