Boy, I have to say I'm batting 1000 this year with the classes I've had the privilege of visiting . This one was no exception.  I always have a great time with Mrs. Trainor's classes at the Menands School.  And the kids?  They only had two things on their minds, it seems…like everyone else.  STAR WARS and being kind.  Put them together and what have you got?  A great song parody.

Kindness.  Who wouldn't want to create a song with that idea in mind?  I guess it's never been more important to emphasize than this year.

But how do you weave the idea of kindness into the classic Star Wars Theme, composed by the brilliant John Williams?  Well, somehow these second graders found a way, and they did it in a little under an hour to boot.  They were so creative, we couldn't decide which ideas to put in the song - they were all THAT good.

Ladies and gentlemen. I now proudly introduce you to the second graders' new "remix".

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