The Medical Board of California has revoked the medical license of the doctor who helped “Octomom” become the mother of 14 children. The board felt it was necessary to take Dr. Michael Kamrava’s license away from him in order to protect the public.  The Beverly Hills fertility doctor admitted to implanting 12 embryos into Nadya Suleman prior to her octuplet pregnancy.

Suleman began going to Kamrava back in 1997 and evidently, demanded all 12 embryos be available for the procedure.  The doctor agreed to transfer all 12 (while only eight babies were actually conceived) because he felt it was the ultimate decision of the patients (Suleman).  Kamrava's lawyer emphasized at at hearing last October, that Kamrava has been "a respected, excellent physician and surgeon for 25 years ("

The revocation of the license will be as of July 1st.  Meanwhile, Suleman still has 29 frozen embryos in storage available for her to use if she decides she wants more children.

She better not want more children.  This woman is out of control and apparently, crazy.  The doctor should never have agreed to the procedure by explaining it was unethical and referred her a mental hospital.  She is not married, completely delusional (or so appears to be), and has no way to truly care for even the six children she had before birthing octuplets.  What is happening with America?  Have people just gone crazy or what?

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