Mild January Means Tick Spike
With temperatures warmer for many days in the month of January, authorities say that there is an increase in tick sightings. Here's what you need to know to keep your family and pets safe.
Doctor Forcibly Removed From Overbooked Flight [VIDEO]
Traveling can be frustrating to begin with. We've all dealt with searches and delays and cancellations and while we are used to it, it doesn't make it any better.
The last thing I would expect is to book a flight and have it be over capacity but, I guess it happens. I'm not sure how exactly - I mean,…
Woman Miscarries 10 Babies in One Night
Earlier this week, a 28-year-old woman named Anju Kushwaha in Madhya Pradesh, India miscarried 10 babies in one night.
Doctors are saying It appears fertility drugs may have contributed to Kushwaha's conception and unusually high multiple pregnancy...
Florida Teen Pretends To Be A Doctor!
The other day I wrote on my Twitter account "I really want to believe the world is full of good people who sometimes do bad things and not the other way around" but I am finding people just keep doing bad things!