You may get this answer very soon if you are a New Yorker.  It looks like there is a major shortage of doctors in the Empire State!  Read on! 
The Times Union first reported it, and it's pretty upsetting if it's really this much of a crisis, but there is a massave doctor shortage in our state, and it promises to get worse.

They say that 1/3 of the hospitals in the state are "curtailing services" because they don't have enough staffing for the emergency rooms.


Also primary care is suffering.  Is it because of malpractice insurance?  Probably factors into it.  Also they say that many are retiring and there's noone to refill the positions.  Actually it's a national problem.  I found this video from the wonderful Liz Bishop of CBS6.  Take a look


So can you do us all a favor?  Can you PLEASE tell your kids to study hard and get interested in science, physiology, biology and the like?  The stock is running low, and when we all yell "Is there a doctor in the house? , I don't want someone's uncle running over who thinks he knows how to kickstart a heart because he learned about it on YouTube.





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