Traveling can be frustrating to begin with. We've all dealt with searches and delays and cancellations and while we are used to it, it doesn't make it any better.

The last thing I would expect is to book a flight and have it be over capacity but, I guess it happens. I'm not sure how exactly - I mean, wouldn't you only sell the seating available and not additional? Wait, that's common sense and we know how that typically goes, right?

According to, Sunday night on United Airlines flight #3411 Chicago to Louisville at O'Hare International Airport people were informed that the flight was overbooked. The passengers, already in their seats were asked to volunteer to take a later flight to allow their standby crew seating with vouchers and hotel stay being offered.

No on volunteered.

Everyone wanted to get to their destination as scheduled.

So what happens next? A computer randomly selects people to be rescheduled. While some went willingly, one man, a doctor trying to get home for work, did not. The result is below and honestly, I'm disgusted as were the passengers around this man. While we don't see what happened leading up to this, you can see that these gentlemen attempting to remove the passenger do not appear to be sensitive to the situation.

Somehow after basically being beat up and bloodied, the doctor ended up back on the flight shaken and upset saying, "I have to go home. I have to go home!"

United Airlines has released a statement which has continued to leave the public uneasy:

One twitter user even re-wrote the United Airlines statement to take a bit more ownership.

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