The other day I wrote on my Twitter account "I really want to believe the world is full of good people who sometimes do bad things and not the other way around" but I am finding people just keep doing bad things!

Last week, Matthew Scheidt went to get his I.D. badge for his new job AS A CLERK at a doctor's office in Florida and ended up with credentials for a physician's assistant!  Matthew didn't say "hey, this isn't me," instead he pretended to be the physician's assistant!

While impersonating the physician's assistant, he was changing bandages,IV's and even  overseeing patients and their exams.  The article in Cafe Mom, continues to inform us that he even did CPR on an overdose patient.  No one noticed this for WEEKS!  How?  


I clearly don't work in the health care industry, but I know if someone came into the studio, claimed to be an on air radio personality I feel like I would know if they were not telling the truth. (No offense Flounder)  Whether through basic conversation or the lack of skill!

Matthew is going to spend the next year in jail thinking about how he could have seriously harmed someone, but should the doctor's office somehow be help accountable too?  What if that was YOUR doctor's office or YOU that he treated?

What do you think?


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