When you are starving, there is nothing better than your favorite McDonald's value meal, and now you can have it delivered!

'McDelivery' is now up and running! According to a Times Union story, the golden arches have teamed up with DoorDash, accessible on their mobile app or at DoorDash.com. The Times Union also says their is a $5 off special until September 9th on your first DoorDash Mickey D's order of $15 or more. You can take advantage of that using the code DASHMCD.

I tell ya what, I love me some McDonald's. In fact, the 10 piece mcnugget meat with a double cheeseburger I have named my 'Standby' meal! It's always a solid go to when I am hungry. So yes, I will be getting the 'Satndby' on the DoorDash app, which I just downloaded.

Nothing is better than that brown paper bag full of McDonald's, and now you can have it at your beck and call! Happy dining!

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