Our very own Matty Jeff partied with the Luke Bryan at an exclusive Super Bowl party.  He shared intimate details Monday morning with Chrissy, Jess and me. Groggy from a late night, he answered hard hitting questions about food, gambling, bathroom usage, and whether or not he was tempted to steal anything! Nothing was off-limits in this no holds barred Q and A.

WGNA's Matty Jeff drives you home every weekday, he's the fearless leader of GNA Nation, he's our friend and our boss.  Matty has all the looks, brains, most of his hair, the tightest t-shirts imaginable, and in another case of 'the rich gettin' richer', he partied with Luke Bryan at a special VIP Super Bowl party.  While Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles were taking down the New England Patriots and the G.O.A.T. in last night's epic Super Bowl, Matty was chomping chips and guac and downing beers with one of country music's biggest stars.  Enjoy!

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