Mrs. Giardino's 2nd graders at the Marie Curie Institute are an incredibly creative bunch.  They not only want to read books on vacation, they want to WRITE them.  Listen to music? Not enough for this bunch.  They want to WRITE songs this summer.  This is my kind of crowd!!  Here's the ditty they created while I was there


Here is what we’re going to do when we’re on vacation
We are going to write some songs and have a celebration
We are going to write some books
Maybe travel somewhere
Do some Science projects
Play some games we can share
Then we will dance a lot
Watch a Mohawks Game
We are kids from MCI
This summer will be insane
marie curie class
photo by Richie Phillips


photo Marie Curie around piano rrr
photo by Richie Phillips

Thanks, kids.  You guys were awesome!  Good luck writing your next hit!  Special thanks to Mrs Giardino for having me back as well.

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