You know to always be careful of getting drugged when you're out at a bar, you've heard that since you started drinking. This recent story hits home because it happened at a bar I go to all of the time in Saratoga.

Saratoga Police say that a male patron witnessed 30-year-old Nicholas Lareau put a foreign substance in his drink with an eye dropper. News10 is reporting that the patron didn't ingest any of the beverage and immediately reported it to security.

Officers eventually found and arrested Lareau at a different Caroline Street location where he had on his possession, "a dropper, a bottle that later tested positive for MDMA, and several loose Xanax pills."

Lareau was charged with second-degree attempted assault/administering a drug as well as seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. He was eventually arraigned and then later released after posting bail.

I'm so happy that the patron found this man and had him arrested but now, after posting bail, he's back on the streets. Who's to say that he's never going to do this again? Always be extra mindful of your drinks and never leave them alone, you never know what you can find in it when you return to them.

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