Here is a story that is making the rounds in the media today.

My friend told me about it last night and I have to be honest, just his description scared me a little bit. After seeing it, I am even more shocked. I will warn you, after the news account in the beginning of the video there is about 6 minutes of real-time video captured by one of the bikers.

YouTube Image, Bikers
YouTube Image, Bikers

I have to say, as I watch the video all I can think is "What in the world would I have done in this situation?" I don't know that there was anything this guy could have done differently.

When the altercation begins, it seems to be because one of the bikers is hit from behind by this Range Rover. When you watch the whole video though, it becomes very obvious that this biker, for whatever reason, pulls in front of this SUV and slows down almost trying to get hit.

After this, you don't really see what happens as the biker with the camera is far away, but it would seem that this man in the car was in fear for his life when, after the accident, he is surrounded by what looks to be an "army" of angry bikers. He speeds off and the chase begins.

Again, I just don't know what to make of it, but I know if it were me, with my family in the car, I don't know what I would have done differently other than calling 911 and maybe staying on the highway?

Take a look and tell me, what would you have done?

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