This isn't the first time someone tried to protest property taxes by paying in single dollar bills or maybe even pennies, but this guy had a particularly interesting approach, so I thought I'd share it with you! 

This goes out to all of you fellow taxpayers who are increasingly feeling the squeeze of property taxes.   (Can you tell that I live in Niskayuna?).  It's truly a double edged sword, because I loved the educational system here, and my son did so well in college because of it.  I want to continue to support great education,  but this system is truly broken and will eventually force us and others to move, I'm sure.  Do you feel the same?

This guy from Easton, Pa. certainly needed to make his point known.  It's kind of long, but worth watching.

You have to feel a little bad for the woman behind the counter, however.  it would be like staging a protest in front of a cashier at a supermarket about the company's food prices.

But do you feel this guy handled it the right way?  Do you think it will make any difference in the scheme of things?  Would love to know your feelings.  Now excuse me while I fill my car with tea and head to Boston.