Videos From Saratoga Protest Show Man with Heart Condition Trapped in Car
On Wednesday afternoon, the Saratoga Springs Police released 4 different videos on their Facebook page taken during the July 14th Black Lives Matters protests that took place outside of Congress Park. On September 7th, Saratoga Springs Police say they made 5 arrests stemming from the incident after certain individuals involved in the BLM protest "interfered with traffic and surrounded vehicle
Troy Police Detain ‘Suspicious’ Armed Group at Protest
On a day where as many as 10,000 protesters peacefully rallied in Troy on behalf of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters movement, a tense moment developed between the Troy Police and some suspicious individuals in military style clothing.  It was later discovered that the men were armed.
Another Unsettling Albany Night Had Me Wondering, “What If?”
Honestly, my whole thought process has been screwed up for about a week now.  It started with the deplorable murder of George Floyd and it has continued every night since.  I can't wrap my head around anything I've been watching on the national news or witnessing here in Albany, my hometown. I'm seeing things I've never seen before on such an escalated level, I'm actually beginning to wonder if we
Is This ‘Kitchen’ Billboard Offensive to You? [Poll]
Today on the show, Bethany and I went back and forth on this billboard issue. If you have not yet heard about it, Teakwood Builders recently put up a billboard on Route 9 showing a new kitchen with the words "your wife wants me." There are some who find it to be very sexist and others that just think it's fun.
Tax Dollars
This isn't the first time someone tried to protest property taxes by paying in single dollar bills or maybe even pennies, but this guy had a particularly interesting approach, so I thought I'd share it with you!

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