It's one of the biggest travel destinations. Everyone wants to experience New York City.

It's a mere 3 hours from us and is like another world with how busy everything is there.

I've been to the city plenty of times over the years and I've honestly always been concerned that someone would fall onto the subway tracks. After a long night of partying, after a big game, during rush hour completely accidentally, due to an illness and being disoriented; the question always was: what would happen if someone did fall?

After this weekend it's safe to say, people would jump without question to help.

It's definitely a smile spreader of a situation. A man had fallen, disoriented onto the tracks Saturday and he wasn't moving. Jonathan Kulig, without hesitation jumped down, crossed a set of tracks and lifted the man to the platform where others helped. Moments later, the train rushes by and it's all caught on cell phone video.

In a world where it seems as if good manners and morals are in question it's so great to see people helping each other in a time of need.

Jonathan was interviewed on various news outlets this week to explain the situation and what was going through his head...


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