Scheduling the mammogram. Taking time off of work to have the mammogram. Worrying about your deductible or copays for the mammogram.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It's always stressful to deal with, though necessary to stay healthy and that's why New York's new law aims to ease the process for women's healthcare in 2017.

The "Get Screened. No Excuses." legislation is aimed specifically at breast health with mammograms.

The goals of the law? Say goodbye to those pesky deductibles and copays for those with New York state insurance. Are you a state employee? It'll be requiring that you are granted four hours of time for the mammogram screening. Extended hours of screening at hospitals and clinics will also be a part of the new law for 2017.

So why is New York State choosing to put this law into effect? Your health of course. They want to ease any burden that goes along with making sure you are keeping up with your health as we all continue to age. Pretty nice, eh?