There are six of these mall accessory stores in and around the Capital Region. Chances are you or someone you know got their ears pierced here and now they have filed for bankruptcy in hopes to stay open.  Claire's, the accessory mall chain store, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. There is usually a choice, to file bankruptcy protection or go out of business completely. They are hoping that the protection will allow them to get out of debt and keep their stores open.

The company is again blaming online shopping for their drop in sales but they also say that Claire's iconic ear piercing services are unmatched and cannot be done online. They do believe that the company will get through bankruptcy protection by September.

There are six stores in and around the Capital Region. Claire's are in Crossgates Mall, Wilton Mall, Colonie Center, Clifton Park Center, ViaPort Rotterdam, and Berkshire Mall.

*UPDATE* According to the Times Union, the Claire's stores at ViaPort in Rotterdam and the Lee Premium Outlets in Lee, Mass.

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