I couldn't let this one go.  Sorry in advance, but this is quite the shocker for the residents in The " Little Town O' Bethlehem".  (Gee, what song do you think I'm going to parody for this?) 

According to a story on NewsChannel13.com, Bethlehem residents are shaking in their boots over a reassessment plan that could REALLY alter their tax bill at the end of the year.  Some peoples' property values got unexpectedly jacked up a staggering 500%

In one case, a resident mentioned that his taxes might go up $800 next year because of this new plan!

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This needs to be addressed --musically.  Apologies for the song I'm using, but what other one could you choose?

Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved

Parody of Little Town Of Bethlehem 

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
What is thy alibi?
how come thy land worth $50 grand
Get reassessed sky high

Without thy rhyme nor reason
Thy increase twas insane
Thy dinner plates once filled with steak
Now noodles by Romein

In Bethlehem
Town councilman Reinhardt says oh contrare
"Thy motive is quite rational
Thee should pay thy fair share"
What rotten way to warn thee
By letter in thy mail

With this steep rise
Be not surprised
with signs that say FOR SALE

For residents retired
With little means to pay
Thy home in thee Carolina's
Looketh better every day…..