Thursday night was the VIP Black Carpet Party Event for the all new, place to be at Crossgates Mall: Lucky Strike Social!

I went in with an idea in my head of what this place was going to look like. I hadn't looked online at all to see any pictures. I hadn't even talked to anyone I knew who had gone for a tour previously.

Bethany and I rolled up around 6:30pm with our VIP tickets and headed to the line. We had our picture taken on the black carpet which was set up in the front entrance. The front is all open to the mall and features seating with a bar. After walking a little in, you'll find more restaurant type seating with another bar just behind it closer to all the main actions. Whether you're looking for video gaming options, air hockey, prizes, and my favorite: BOWLING! This makes me so excited to hang at Lucky Strike. Any place can have all of these video games and all the prizes, but to have bowling - YAY!

The other beauty of Lucky Strike Social is that it has the space in a couple spots for live music performances. I know we're getting ready and excited for some potential intimate performances with some country faves, so be listening for details on that!

We had a ton of fun oh and I almost forgot to mention, we decided it was going to be a GNA-Dress Up Fest VIP's what came outta that!