The modern snowblower is a staple here in the Capital Region.  A requirement.  We should all hug our machines each day and thank it for it's faithful devotion (make sure it's off!  The burns could be devastating!!)

  Mine is in a category all it's own!  I honestly believe that.  I love it so much--I've written a love song.  And since a song is hopefully worth a thousand blog-words (is that a term?), I will now ask you to click on this and hear the story

There you have it folks.  So glad I got that out of my system.  I SWEAR--this thing is 22 years old and starts on 3 pulls MAX every year without any maintenance besides a spark plug that I throw in it every 2 or 3 years!   If you're as lucky, please how some luv to your Toro, your Sears, your..whatever brand this morning.   She'll be working hard for you this next week.  She deserves it!

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