Small towns -that's what we're about.  Our entire company is called Townsquare Media, for crying out loud!  That should tell you something right there.  I'm having an absolute blast writing about them.  This week it's Glenville, NY 

The votes were overwhelming - looks like Glenville is getting a tune written for them this week.  In fact, we might even visit them on the upcoming Small Town Tour if we get enough votes.   But in the meantime, if you have any good trivia about Glenville- funny information, factual or both, please leave it in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Google maps


Here is a guide to what I'm looking for:

What it's best known for?

Well known attractions or businesses (I can actually sneak you in a free plug!)

Funny quirks (the red light in the middle of town hasn't worked in 10 years etc)

Quick historical facts (don't get all  "Wikipedia" on me- just a few bullet points will do)

You can copy and paste this into an email and send to, or just put the answers in the comment section!   The song will air on Thursday's Sean and Richie Show, typically between 8:45-8:50am.  It will also be on this website on one of my blogs.

And if you have photos to go with your facts, by all means send them to the same email.

And if you'd like to vote for Glenville to get a full blown visit from the show, well...