This unsettling story out of Corinth involves a 60 year old high school track coach who resigned after it was learned that he was engaging in inappropriate conduct with one of his 17 year old students. According to News Channel 13, teacher Lawrence Nichols sent over 1000 text messages to the boy, and signed his yearbook "I Love You."  How in the world is it ever OK to send 1000 texts to a student, furthermore, what the heck was he thinking writing "I Love You" in his yearbook?

Police determined that while the conduct was inappropriate, it's not illegal.  Kudos to this boys mom for paying attention and being involved in her sons life to know something wasn't right.  It's scary to think about how many things go unnoticed when it comes to our children, and this particular situation could have gone on for years and escalated to who knows where.  She had a sneaking suspicion that something was up when she noticed unusual contact between Nichols and her 17 year old son, and she trusted her gut.  Text messages and awkward yearbook signings aside, the mom also says the coach invited him out for pizza and after a track meet, she captured the 60 year old hugging her son.

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