March Hero
This month's Hometown Hero has worked at the same job for over thirty years where she serves selflessly in the city of Corinth. She lives by the mantra of doing one good deed a day. It could be a small act of kindness or a great big one as long as an effort is made to do one each day.
Local Divers Help Man Find His Missing $127,000 Leg
The dive team from the Corinth Fire Department is comprised of 11 local volunteers and they're being hailed as heroes for their impressive work over the weekend.  Dillon Wilson, from Corinth, lost his leg to an infection after a motorcycle accident back in 2015. He'd been fitted with a very costly $…
Local Teacher Texts 1000 Times And Says ‘I Love You’ To Student
This unsettling story out of Corinth involves a 60 year old high school track coach who resigned after it was learned that he was engaging in inappropriate conduct with one of his 17 year old students. According to News Channel 13, teacher Lawrence Nichols sent over 1000 text messages to the boy, an…
Free Country Music In Corinth
If you like to head north for your summer getaways, make a stop in downtown Corinth, NY for some delicious food, old fashioned country store shopping, and free country music.
Top 5 Things I Did This Summer
It’s always fun to look back on the great things you were able to do during summer vacation. Although I didn’t have many vacations, I am lucky to enjoy what I do for work, so here are my Top 5 Favorite Things of Summer 2012.