When I was in middle school, it was a chore to get me to clean my bedroom let alone the bathroom.  To be honest, it still is.  Major props to these local middle school kids who brought a little hard work and creativity and worked together to give their school a cool looking bathroom makeover.

Eighth graders from Schalmont Middle School were determined to inspire their peers by giving the main hallway bathroom a makeover.

They students called the initiative the “Positivity Project ” and their goal was simple.  “The bathroom can be a place where a lot of people may go when they feel vulnerable so we wanted to brighten their day with a simple message,” said Mariana Riccio.

According to the school Facebook post about the initiative, it appears to have brought the kids closer together and the students want to continue do more good things nit just in their school, but beyond it as well.  Members of the 8th grade class are willing to help other schools take on this initiative and help promote a more positive school climate.

Great job guys, and if you ever wanna tackle a project known as 'My Bathroom', holla at me!

Schalmont students working on new-look bathroom
Schalmont students working on new-look bathroom

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