St. Rose 'senior on pause' Julia Gargano had a breakout "American Idol" performance in more ways than one on Sunday night. For starters, her stirring rendition of Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" launched her into the Idol top-11 and one step closer to the big finale on Sunday, May 17.  But it may have been what Luke Bryan and company said to her following the performance that garnered the only blemish of the night; a blotchy reaction that Gargano could not cover up.

It may not have been noticeable to the millions watching at home in real-time, but when you go back and watch the performance on Sunday (which we did multiple times) you can see the not so subtle change. During the first two minutes of the nearly 4 minute YouTube clip, Gargano's skin on her shoulders and chest is as clear as smooth as can be.  But as the reaction from family and judges started to pour in, that's when things got a little "blotchy".

Appearing Monday morning on the WGNA morning show with Brian and Chrissy, Gargano confessed to us that when she gets nervous, she breaks out in hives. Feeling a bit insecure about her performance, she told Brian and Chrissy that while she had a blast singing the Billy Joel song, the Staten Island native was unsure about how it would be received by the star judges.

When it came time for critiques,  Luke Bryan went first telling Gargano, "I'm speechless...that might be my most favorite performance of the year thus far. 12 out of 10!"  That's when the 21-year-old singer/songwriter felt a little change coming.

The reaction from Luke Bryan sent her over the top and the St. Rose senior confessed to Brian and Chrissy that she "completely broke out in hives all over her arms and chest."  She knew it was happening, but there was nothing she could do telling GNA that she didn't want to put the mic down after the performance because she wanted to cover up as much of her skin as possible.

"My mom", she said "was behind the camera watching the performance telling me to take a sip of water...and don't pass out!"

Julia's next performance night on American Idol will be this Sunday at 8 p.m. on News 10 ABC.

Listen to the audio here and scroll down to the pictures below to see the 'before and after'


Julia Gargano breaks out in rash
The photo on the left is while Julia was singing. On the right, she's getting judges reaction with the blotch seen round the world. Love ya Julia...Good luck next week
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