There is an abundance of local talent in the Capital Region - musicians, actor and lest we forget -aspiring and established authors. This particular author is a local schoolteacher!  I thought it would be nice to bring her to your attention

Heidi Sprouce is a local girl who grew up in Ballston Lake, and went to St Rose.  She was a schoolmate there of someone you may have heard of:  Jimmy Fallon .

She teaches in the Oppenheim-Ephratah school system but is also a wife and mother to boot! Now since she is a much, much better writer than I, I got this email from her and thought I'd share it, rather than try to recreate it!  It describes ALL of the writing she has been involved with over the years and her motivation for doing so.

 ... 12 years ago, my father died from cancer and that prompted me to follow through with the passion of writing. I finished my first young adult novel and continued to tinker with writing. Then 4 years ago, the idea for Adirondack Sundown hit and consumed my life as I spun the tale about a conservation officer searching for a missing woman here in the Adirondacks. Inspired by Sara Anne Wood, Suzanne Lyall, and a local woman who disappeared with out a trace 5 years ago, I thought about what could have happened and focused on the loved ones left behind in this story of hope. From that point, I tried to find a publisher and Bell Bridge Books signed me on for a small town love story, All the Little Things, that could be here in Johnstown or where I grew up in Ballston Lake. When I wasn't picked up for more stories, I decided to get them out there myself and published Lightning Can Strike Twice, Aging Gracefully, Sunny Side Up, and Adirondack Sundown.

Isn't modern technology great!  You can publish things yourself now, as you can see.

Her newest work is called Whispers of Liberty, and is put out by Bygone Era Books, and is about a woman who loves history.  The story takes place right in Johnstown, which makes it especially fun to read for everyone in the area

by Heidi Sprouse

it is available on if you'd like to pick up a copy…  We give Heidi all the credit in the world for continuing to publish even after being told "no".  Let that be a lesson to all of us!