I just learned that Author Tom Clancy has passed away. Tom was an incredible writer and storyteller. He wrote many modern day classics that were turned into movies like like, "The Hunt for Red October’" and "The Sum of All Fears," and even found his way into the world of video games with "Splinter Cell," "Rainbow Six," and "Ghost Recon,"

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I think he will be most remembered for the character Jack Ryan who began in his novel "Clear and Present Danger" in 1989. In the movies, I think the role was played by a few different actors but made famous by Harrison Ford.

The news of his death comes just a couple months before the release of the latest installment, a new movie actually called "Jack Ryan," which will feature "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine as the latest to take on that role.

Tom Clancy is one of only three modern day authors to have sold over 2 million copies of a book on first printing, the other two being JK Rowling and John Grisham.

He will be missed.

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