Back in November, local politician Liz Joy (R, Glenville, NY) lost the general election for U.S. House New York District 20 to incumbent Paul Tonko by a fairly wide margin.  Tonko had over 60% of the vote, while Joy had close to 40% of the vote.

But Capital Region internet sleuths seem to be pretty split today over some of the driving allegations that Joy recently made against her rival on Monday after she Tweeted a photo of the congressman driving in Albany, appearing to be on his cell phone while operating his vehicle.

Joy tagged multiple news outlets of her "distracted driving" photo alleging that Paul Tonko was also speeding, suggesting that he was driving anywhere from 65-70 MPH.


Naturally, there was some pushback.  As Twitter sleuths like @TheNewsGob peppered Joy with a series of questions, one that came on more than a few occasions was "who took the photo?"  Implying that whoever took the photo (Joy or otherwise) is guilty of a driving infraction as well.

Back and forth we go.  Can you hear me now?


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