In an effort to honor veterans, a local school invited those who served to come into their classrooms. They spent the day learning about history and making new friends. Veteran's Day is a day to remember and honor those who have served. Schalmont Middle School wanted to do more. On Wednesday, they invited local veterans to come to their school.

The students had breakfast and presented the local veterans thank you cards. The veterans shared some of their personal stories and experiences about being in the military. There were some vets that gave students words of encouragement so they may be inspired some day to serve in the armed forces.

According to CBS6, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara says it's an opportunity for students to learn history from veterans inside the classroom. Santabarbara served in the US Army Reserve and he admits that any messages of appreciation go a long way. He launched a page online to "Thank A Veteran".

On this Veteran's Day, please make it a priority to thank a veteran.

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