Julia Gargano is the St. Rose senior who auditioned on American Idol Sunday night and blew the judges away.  Following her stirring performance of an original song she wrote called 'Growing Pains', Idol judge Katy Perry ran up to her and gave her the biggest  hug.  Gargano, originally from Staten Island told Brian and Chrissy on GNA Wednesday morning that she literally blacked out the moment that she saw Perry run up to her.  She was able to recall how the pop star smelled though, telling them that it was a divine mixture of "cotton candy and heaven" which is exactly what Katy Perry should smell like.

Gargano told us about how this life-changing audition was like an out-of-body experience admitting that watching her social media blow up was "surreal".  She also talked about her adorable grandfather,  pappou as she calls him, who we think pretty much won the entire show just by being super freaking cute.

Here's the whole interview, the first of many we believe, with the latest American Idol sensation with local ties, Julia Gargano:

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