After almost a century, a small, locally owned Albany area business closed on Sunday.

Colonie Center
Lou Roberts

Spector’s clothing store in Colonie Center shut it’s doors for the last time.

In the story from CBS 6 Albany, the family owned business has been difficult to operate for quite some time. The owner, Robert Kayne, believes that one of the reasons for a decline in sales, is because of the big box stores opening up.

Before that, Spector’s, and many other small, local businesses, thrived. In 1917, Kayne’s grandparents first opened the store on South Pearl Street in Downtown Albany. In later years, his family moved the business to an uptown location on Central Avenue, and then to Colonie Center.

It’s always sad to hear about a locally owned business that has to close it’s doors, especially one that’s been here for almost 100 years.

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