Every year the Tri City Valley Cats are looking to help out little league and softball fields around the Capital Region. If your field needs an upgrade, here's how you can apply. Growing up, our Lassie League (softball) field was in rough shape. There were barely any lines and it was all over-grown. I wish the Valley Cats had this program when we were kids. But I am happy that they get into the communities and help rebuild the fields throughout the region. It's that time of year again and here's how you can get them to fix up your field.

According to News 10 ABC, the Tri City Valley Cats are teaming up again with Hannaford Supermarkets and Blueshield of Northeastern New York to renovate four fields in twenty four hours. It's their 4 in 24 project.

They will renovate four youth baseball and/or softball fields within a twenty four hour period. In essence, they create a brand new infield at these parks. The best way to get it is to apply HERE. You must apply by March 1st. The winners of the renovations will be announced March 11th.

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