New York state has continued to make great progress with coronavirus cases across the state. Now the governor has announced that low-risk youth sports can begin starting up games soon.  We have been waiting for the go-ahead for months to have our nine-year-old to be able to participate in youth baseball this season. Ryan loves to play baseball and doesn't really understand why he isn't able to play. He understands that there is a pandemic, but as a kid, he just wants to get out and play. Now Ryan, his baseball friends, and all of the sports parents have a ray of hope for them to play again.

According to News 10 ABC, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday that as part of Phase Three and the reopening of New York state, low-risk youth sports can begin on July 6th. Low-risk youth sports include baseball, softball, field hockey, cross country, crew, and gymnastics.

There are some social distancing guidelines that need to be followed at these youth sports events. The crowds cannot be large and the stands cannot be packed. Only two spectators per child will be allowed at each sporting event.

The main reason that low-risk youth sports are being given the go-ahead is that across New York state the number of coronavirus cases is declining. The governor also says that the number of people being hospitalized with COVID-19 is also decreasing.

I am happy that we are starting to get back to some sort of normalcy. Nothing signifies normalcy like watching our nine-year-old, Ryan play a sport that he loves with his friends. A few more weeks and we will hopefully enter Phase Four, fingers crossed.

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