Looking for which movies you need to see this week and which ones are worth skipping? Lights Camera Jackson is our go-to guy for all things movies!

Lights Camera Jackson and the Morning Rush have had a relationship for a few years and whenever we have a question about a movie coming to theaters or new to see at home, Jackson has been on with us Friday mornings around 7:00AM to let us know! Jackson doesn't just know the movies themselves, he's met the stars and has a bit of insight in all things in the news movie-related.

This morning, Brian & I got a run-down of a movie opening today called "Life" that Jackson had a chance to see already starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, we got some inside scoop about the movie "Daddy's Home 2" currently being filmed in the Berkshires & Tom Cruise's new insane stunts in Mission: Impossible 6 and just what an impact "Beauty and the Beast" made on the movie world in terms of gross.

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